This is our first update on our Developer Blog and we are very happy to come with some exciting news. In July we will have our first promotion on Facebook, followed by updates published on our website and the first in game videos published on YouTube. Since August 2015 we have worked hard on getting some impressive levels made, worked on the storyline and were able to flesh out our main characters. In the following month you will notice changes on our website, we will start introducing the main characters, will give away a bit more about the story and inform you about the entire development process.

Legends of the Traveler is a video game we develop with the Unreal Game Engine. You will follow the story of the mysterious Traveler who is wandering the lands of Reed, a fantasy world experiencing troubles that were forgotten for centuries. Our goal is to create an engaging action adventure which hopefully will be fully voice acted and will provide a story fans will love. It will be our first game with sequels planed for the future. We are reaching for the stars with that game, knowing that our expectation can only be fulfilled if we can build a strong and supporting community. Transparency is in our opinion key in order to achieve that goal and we therefore would like to do our best to inform current and future fans of Legends of the Traveler what we have planed.

Please find here some tasks we like to achieve in the following month.

July 2016

  • Legends of the TravelerWith our first promo on Facebook we hope to increase the number of fans for Legends of the Traveler. We like to build a community for the game and to listen to the input given to us so we can improve the game experience.
  • July will also be the month where we will publish more in game screenshots and produce the first in game videos so you can see the direction we like to take with the game.
  • On our website we like to give more details about the game and introduce the main characters as well as some of the planed game mechanics.
  • Last but not least we like to schedule opportunities for you to meet with us on Discord, where you can ask us questions and get closer to the team.

August 2016

  • Our goal in August is to finalize our profile on Steam and introduce our idea to the Steam community. A second promo for Facebook is planed as well.
  • Until the end of August we hope to be able to provide you a DEMO, which will act as a prequel to the main game. We strongly believe a DEMO is a fair way to give players the opportunity to decide if a game is interesting enough for them or not. A short prequel will allow us to introduce some of the main characters, will give you an opportunity to dive into the story without spoiling to much of the main game experience.
  • Also planed for the end of August is a video where we introduce the team and give our fans a sneak peak behind the scene of Legends of the Traveler.

September 2016

  • Will mainly be used to prepare Legends of the Traveler for the planed Kickstarter campaign in October. Our goal is to polish the DEMO so our fans can easily recommend supporting us on Kickstarter.
  • By that time our developer Q&A on Discord will hopefully be a regular event and we have had the chance to build a strong and great community of fans.

October 2016

  • October will be one of the most important month for Legends of the Traveler. It will be the month where we run our Kickstarter campaign and hope to receive the fundings needed to produce the game.
  • By the end of October we will know which direction we go with the game.


Short Disclaimer:

Legends of the Traveler is developed by teccrab inc.

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