Legends of the Traveler - Community Manager - Caleb Taylor

Caleb, our community manager, is hard at work with Simon managing the Kickstarter campaign. Along with generally marketing the game, Caleb continues to create content for the game’s social media platforms and work on the story with Simon.Caleb Taylor - Community Manager - Legends of the Traveler

Caleb was brought onto the team originally to write the story, scripts and sidequests based off Simon’s original ideas. For the beginning of the project, Caleb did just that, but his job has now morphed into interacting with the community and marketing the game. Going to school full time, Caleb strives to do his job efficiently and effectively in his spare time. He maintains communication with potential marketing partners and public figures in order to get the word out for Legends of the Traveler. He regularly checks in with Simon to discuss business opportunities and marketing strategies.

Without Caleb, many opportunities to market the game would not be found and the production and development of the game would be slowed. Caleb continues to add support to both the creative side of development and the marketing side of the project.


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