Legends of the Traveler - Kickstarter ImageDear Travelers, we are very excited to let you know that we have launched our Kickstarter. From now until the 20th November 2016 you can support our game via the following link:


As the title already hints, this is hopefully just the beginning of the Traveler. The first game of the trilogy will give you the opportunity to see first hand how the Traveler was created. You will start the journey and will follow in the footsteps of the Traveler, decide on your way which path to follow and arrive at an epic end.

In the first act we will introduce you to the game. You will play one of two mercenaries on a quest to find some powerful Runes made by the Dwarfs. They are in the far North, where they collect magical Gemstones and craft the Runes that can be implemented in your Weapon, for special damage, or your armour, for extra protection.

We will introduce you in the second act to the villain and also to the Traveler.

Starting in the third act you will help the Traveler. The journey will let you explore many parts of Reed, the fantasy world we are creating for you, and let you choose what role you like to play. If you are interested in becoming a warrior you can easily do that. More interested in becoming a Mage, that learn powerful spells. Or are you more keen on combining powerful spells with your fighting skills? The choice is yours.

The choices you make during the story will influence the ending. We do not want to spoil to much, but feel this might interest you. On our Kickstarter Page we have much more information about the game and plan to update you a bit more here on our website.

Short Disclaimer:

Legends of the Traveler is developed by teccrab inc.

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