Welcome Travelers to another developer update. At the moment we are working on a version for you which will function as a demo where we can showcase the in game mechanics and allowing you to experience the world we are creating. In a later version we like to change this demo into a free to play prequel to our story. We hope to have a first version available before September.

If you have read our previous post you know we have set some goals for ourselves and are please with what we have accomplished so far. Our first small promo on Facebook went well and we have gained a lot of new fans, more than we expected. This is very encouraging for us since this demonstrates that people are interested to learn more about our game.

But because we are at the moment working on LotT only part time we unfortunately couldn’t finish the website and had to postpone the updates to August. Right now we are working on descriptions for the main characters, some artwork as well as some information about the regions. We hope to be able to get everything online in the first weeks of August.

Here are the upcoming tasks we have set for ourselves.

August 2016

  • Working on our website
  • Finalizing the Steam Profile for LotT
  • Creating a video including in game footage as well as interviews of the team

September 2016

  • Providing details regarding the planed Kickstarter. Including Tiers and Rewards.
  • Building a Q&A Portal for backers and supporters

October 2016

  • Launching our Kickstarter
  • Analyzing the available budget and work on an action plan for the future of Legends of the Traveler

Depending on the success of our Kickstarter we hope to be able to dedicate all our time to this project. As mentioned earlier we are at the moment only able to work on it part time, since we have to fulfill other obligations as well. Our goal and also dream is to be able to work on this project full-time and to see many gamers enjoying the story and game play. This is why we are aiming to run a Kickstarter in October 2016 and also why we concentrate our efforts into this direction. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Facebook. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as we can.

Short Disclaimer:

Legends of the Traveler is developed by teccrab inc.

Information on our page is provided by many different people. While we try to keep it accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that it always will be. If you see something in a document that should be corrected or updated, please feel free to contact us. Be sure to give the full URL of the document in your message.