Something that sets The Traveler apart from typical action-adventure characters, the NPCs in the game and other stereotypical protagonists is his ability to learn quickly and adapt to his surroundings. Using an arsenal of magic and melee attacks allows the player and The Traveler to jump into battle exactly how they want. The player can use their own play style, along with specific equipment found in the game to fight how they want.


            NPCs view The Traveler as someone who is self reliant. In a world full of problems, The Traveler will meet people who need his help. The Traveler can choose to fulfil the quests, or complete them in a way that only benefits himself. It’s with this freedom that The Traveler develops either a solitary or social standing in the world, and future encounters will be different based on The Travelers reputation. More importantly, people will see The Traveler as someone they can trust, someone they can count on and someone who will help, no matter the odds.

            The player will come to learn that The Traveler is constantly growing, and has the potential to become much stronger than he starts out as. The player will realise that many hostile encounters are situational, and many of those fights will require a change in fighting style or equipment to emerge victorious

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