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  The Idea of The Legends of The Traveler and “The Traveler” character itself stems from the Project Manager Simon’s early adulthood. Simon played a pen and paper game called Midgard with a group of his friends and many core ideas of The Legends of The Traveler were born during that time. Over the years, Simon has re-written the story countless numbers of times, attempting to write a book and later a pen and paper game of his own. Simon and a dedicated group of people spent days playtesting the game, balancing the 150+ monsters and many races and occupations formulated by Simon and his friend.


It took Simon's immigration to Canada to unfortunately halt and later end the effort of the pen and paper game. In 2015, Simon found an old notebook containing pages of story, monsters, characters and environments from his game that never saw the light of day. Reflecting on his past, Simon became inspired to do something with the story. Simon later met Jannik, a student from Denmark who was a genius with Unreal Engine 4. Impressed by Jannik's fast and flawless work, Simon was convinced that his forgotten action adventure game would have a second chance. Adjusting the story from a pen and paper game to a computer game, Simon and Jannik began retelling Simon’s forgotten story.


The other main characters in The Legends of The Traveler underwent the most transformation. After meeting Jannik, Simon realised the characters he had previously wrote down had no place in the format of the video game he aimed to make.


Realising the limitations pen and paper games had on the players in terms of creativity, Simon pushed to break the restrictions of roles and allow the players to choose how to and who to play as. Anticipating the potential of customization in the future development of the game, certain characters had to be rewritten. Genders were swapped, occupations were adjusted and cultures shifted to better fit the updated setting and freedom of modern technology. Simon continues to draw inspiration for both the plot and characters from the profusion of media he enjoys day to day.

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