Legends of the Traveler - Creative Director - R. Simon Kaebe

R. Simon Kaebe - Creative Director - Legends of the TravelerSimon, our Creative Director, is the “Father” of Legends of the Traveler. Without him, many roadblocks would be impossible to overcome, and him constantly churning out ideas keeps the concept of the game fresh and always gives the team something to work on. Without Simon, the game would not exist and the wonderful story of Legends of the Traveler would not see the light of day.

Simon, besides having the idea for the game, is crucial to the development of Legends of the Traveler. Since the first meeting to today, the team at teccrab has experienced a plethora of problems that would overwhelm the average person. Through countless issues, concerns, mess-ups and rough patches in development, Simon has kept a level head and continues to keep the team motivated and calm. He continues to find opportunities for both the game and the team, sprinkling in surprises in the story of the  game and always giving the team a good laugh.

Without Simon, the game would not only cease to exist, but the motivation, passion and determination behind the game to vanish too. He constantly brings the team together, regardless of outside commitments, responsibilities and concerns. Along with continuing the story and plot behind Legends of the Traveler, Simon is crucial in communicating with outside sources of talent, potential team members and investors. 

Legends of the Traveler - Community Manager - Caleb Taylor

Caleb, our community manager, is hard at work with Simon managing the Kickstarter campaign. Along with generally marketing the game, Caleb continues to create content for the game’s social media platforms and work on the story with Simon.Caleb Taylor - Community Manager - Legends of the Traveler

Caleb was brought onto the team originally to write the story, scripts and sidequests based off Simon’s original ideas. For the beginning of the project, Caleb did just that, but his job has now morphed into interacting with the community and marketing the game. Going to school full time, Caleb strives to do his job efficiently and effectively in his spare time. He maintains communication with potential marketing partners and public figures in order to get the word out for Legends of the Traveler. He regularly checks in with Simon to discuss business opportunities and marketing strategies.

Without Caleb, many opportunities to market the game would not be found and the production and development of the game would be slowed. Caleb continues to add support to both the creative side of development and the marketing side of the project.


Legends of the Traveler - Lead Developer - Jannik Verdoner

The teccrab team has been very fortunate to have Jannik, a talented game developer from denmark. With all we have planned for the game, we need someone who shares our passion and drive to makeJannik Verdoner - Legends of the Traveler - Lead Developer this game possible. Jannik is the reason this game is possible in the first place, without his skills and capabilities we might be in a different place than we are today.

Jannik has been interested in game development for a few years now. Studying game design and computer science previously, and currently studying the field further, Jannik is well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make Legends of the Traveler a reality. Already working on a playable demo for testing and having developed working tests of the game in the Unreal Engine, Jannik is the cornerstone of the project. Jannik continues to take on seemingly impossible requests from the team, and almost immediately comes up with a solution to fulfil the ideas.

Without Jannik, we would be extremely limited as to what we could do with the game. While certain game ideas do take off on their own, it has seriously helped our projects having a reliable, smart and capable game developer to bounce ideas off of. 


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